Laser Forms Inc. recognizes that individual mortgage lenders have very unique document requirements and that “one size fits all” solutions very rarely work to our customers advantage. That is why Laser Forms is structured to provide you with a unique buying and service environment that fully meets your needs.

Buy Your Forms, Don’t Lease Them
Own the documents you purchase. Do you pay year after year for the same document? Now you can buy it once and use it forever. Laser Forms’ business model is a purchase program, not an annual lease program like other suppliers. When you work with Laser Forms, you own the documents you purchase.

Buy Only the Forms You Need
Oftentimes new mortgage software systems do not come with all the forms needed to run your business. Or you have to buy bundled packages that can be burdensome and expensive, even if you only need 2 or 3 forms. We allow lenders to buy only the forms you need, individually and avoid those bundles that often include forms that are not necessary to your business.

Low-Cost Annual Maintenance Program
Laser Forms offers a low-cost Annual Maintenance Agreement which assures that, should your document fall out of compliance, Laser Forms will replace it without additional cost.

Guaranteed Compliance
Laser Forms is in continual contact with the regulatory agencies governing document compliance. Our standard documents are guaranteed to be compliant.

Personalized Service / Live Customer Care
Laser Forms operates its own Customer Care Center in its Georgia headquarters to provide free, live-agent technical support during standard business hours. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff is available to help you with all your technical and product questions. We answer your questions effectively and efficiently and help you get right back to business.