We know sometimes you need custom documents to fit specific loan, lender, regulatory or internal requirements. We can provide exactly the forms you need, for every application you require.

Laser Forms provides the programming and compliance capabilities to allow commercial mortgage software users optimal usage and value of their technology infrastructure. These commercial software packages come only with some basic forms pre-installed on their systems. Most lenders will require custom forms to fit their own procedural needs or their own state or local regulations. We can help you to make that happen.

Laser Forms can create custom, compliant documents for use with the following software formats:

  • Adobe Designer
  • Adobe PDF files
  • Byte Software's BytePro
  • Byte Software's BytePro Enterprise
  • Byte Software's BytePro Online
  • Microsoft Word
  • PNG
  • WMF
In many cases, custom documents can be based on any one of the thousands of documents which already reside in our Library. Custom calculations and language can be included to further automate any document to your specific needs.

We can also work with you to design documents from scratch, to suit your specific needs.

For specific inquiries please Request a Quote or call us at 800-446-3555 for more information.

Annual Maintenance Program Available
Laser Forms offers a low-cost Annual Maintenance Agreement which assures that, should your document fall out of compliance, Laser Forms will replace it without additional cost. Ask us about it.